Knowledge Revolution?

This new search engine has the potential to change the way we us the internet. Here’s a blog post from Stephen Wolfram explaining how he came up with the idea:

I must admit that I am fascinated by the potential of this project. For my first search I asked “What is the average temperature of Berwyn, IL?” not only was I given an answer, I was given a choice. Did I want to know the average temperature for yesterday? Maybe for the past week? Or was it the past ten years?

If this project is able to sustain itself (unlike Cuil) it will improve our ability to research the internet. Young people that I work with are prone to use the “copy and paste” method from just about any website. This surely leads to funny reports, but does nothing for their grades or research abilities. Wolfram Alpha can help change that.


  1. That’s really interesting… and pretty surprising. I wonder how far that search engine might go. I’ll post about this.


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