What I’m Reading

Here’s a look at what I am reading or have recently read. What are you reading?

Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War by Che Guevara
An interesting look at the Cuban revolution. This is Che’s account of the battles and overall life of being a guerilla fighter. Very interesting thus far.

Summer in a Jar
A great book on canning and food preservation in general.

Fight Boredom
– compilation zine
From the description, “
Fight Boredom is a compilation zine. It’s all about having good times in a small town.” Amber is very creative. This zine shares ideas on how not to be bored. She lives in a small town, but much can be applied to people living in Chicago, LA, or any other big city.

Well worth the $2.00. If you have a few extra bucks I recommend picking up all three issues.

Anarchy: But Seriously, Folks

Thomas L. Knapp’s latest at the Center for a Stateless Society.

Barter Networks and the Counter-Economy
Kevin Carson continues the exploration of different economic models.

The Real Unemployment Numbers
Wait, the reported unemployment numbers don’t tell the truth?

The Political Economy of Peer Production
An introductory essay on Peer to Peer production.

Peer to Peer and Human Evolution
A more extensive look at Peer to Peer production.

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