dusting off the cobwebs: Saul Alinksy

A number of upcoming projects have led me to revisit some of my past experience. I think this is called “dusting off the cobwebs.” Some of the dusting has been invigorating. Some has reminded me why I didn’t further explore those options.

Every so often I will post a link, article, story, or something relating to these experiences. The first Item I came across was an enjoyable documentary called Saul Alinsky Went to War. It is a look at the Alinsky model of community organizing put into practice. A paper on organizing models [pdf] describes the Alinsky model:

The community organizing model developed by Saul Alinsky owes its inspirations to the Communist theories of mass mobilization. Alinsky, on the lines of Marxist philosophy views the current capitalist economic and social systems problematic and the cause for all social issues such as crime, unemployment, inequality, discrimination, declined morality and environmental degradation. Alinsky emphasizes working within the system to change the system. Just like Carl Marx, Saul Alinsky has little discussion of how a society should be structured and its function after the successful revolution overthrows an 0ppressive dominant system.

Pop some popcorn, pull up a comfy chair, and click away!

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