#writeandrun31 Day 2

This is not meant to be a radical critique of technology or civilization. Than will come later.

Homies: The Picture – Photo by Rachel

This morning I went out for brunch with some friends. While we were eating Kevin and I were discussing the merits of different cell phone plans. One of the plans we discussed had what we described as a more local and decentralized feel to it. This was funny since the company is not based in Lawrence or even the Midwest. Our conversation quickly moved to discussing the importance of a nice camera-phone. Homies: The Picture was taken shortly after this conversation. . .with a phone.

I rely on my phone for so much more than calling people. I use it to take pictures, track my runs, take notes, serve as a Rolodex, check into flights, etc. On some levels it is hard to criticize the current models of cell phones. The convenience they bring to our civilized lives is, in someways, unmatched. Many people see their phone as an extension of themselves. When I bought my first “smartphone” I justified it by saying it would help me become more organized. Certain apps have definitely helped with that, but it is safe to say that the phone is simply a tool , it didn’t make me more organized. That first smartphone did, however, allow me to stare at a screen much more than I had in the past.

Back to the picture.

Brunch was quite pleasurable. Even though we were talking about cell phones, no one was distracted by them. Our brunch was a pleasant reminder that in-person conversations are much more fulfilling than a Facebook status or the latest Tweet. Besides, there was plenty of time to post the picture once brunch was over. . .how else would my Mom have been able to see it?

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