Thirty Six Years or Three Years

Today is my 36th birthday. It also marks three years since my dad lost his battle with ALS. I’m not going to pretend that this blog post contains an amazing message or his highly philosophical. (Spoiler – it’s neither.)

Three years later. On my birthday. Three years later I am still trying to grasp what that means. As a skeptic…as a contrarian…as a non-practicing atheist…I have regularly thought about that day. I have thought about that day for three years. Sometimes I think that it was, all things considered, the best birthday present ever. Other days I think it’s the cruelest joke. Still there are some days that I don’t believe it.

The only thing that I do know is that I will never take anyone for granted. I am fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people. You all are amazing. Don’t forget that.

Rest in Peace, Pops. I miss you. And thank you, Mom. You’ve been so strong and supportive through this crazy journey. Oh yeah…Amy & Brian….I love you’se guys.

One comment

  1. Great video…not to speak for your dad, but I think he would be proud. I tried your interval method, btw (2 mins 25 secs running + 45 secs walking) and it was surprisingly easy!

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